Truffle and truffle hunting – learn everything for them on ‘Truffle Mania BG’ website

Inspired by truffle’s magic, we want to enjoy that kind of hobby with you and to discover this culinary diamond at the marvelous slopes of Stara planina. We can enjoy the Tryavna’s landmarks and the healing air, too. We want to offer you pleasant moments in our company and in the company of our professional quadrupeds friends:

◦Betty – English Setter;
◦Gordo – Cocker Spaniel;
◦and the lovely lurchers Rona and Tsanka

Hunting will begin at the late May and depending on weather, it will end in December or January.

Offered services by us linked to truffles’ hunting:

  • Training People
  • Training Dogs
  • Hunt with our dogs
  • Guest house
  • Ecotourism
  • Trained dogs’ sales

Unforgetable moments also are the evenings at the ‘Truffle Paradise’ house, prepared with the black diamond. And in September and October with the Roman emperors’ white seducer - tuber manatum pico, whereof we have gathered very nice speciments. We offer a single bed as well as the whole house. The house is near to the Trevnenska river and at only 20 m from ‘Cherpi vir’ locality. You can have a good time fishing in the river, too.

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